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Measurement solution including data acquisition

Measurements, data acquisition, network diagnosis, and customer line plant database update

New usages and needs related to the advent of broadband, network unbundling, the retention difficulties of ever more demanding customers and the necessary cost reduction due to new business models, are bringing the copper access network quality at the center of the fixed network operators concerns.
This aging network, which operation and maintenance represent more than 50 % of the operator OPEX, has now to meet the requirements of optimal transmission rates and quality of service.

But the access line plant is not perfectly known by the operators ( with an average database error rate above 15%) and have to face constraints regarding human resources (technicians’ skills in digital transmission, contractors monitoring), equipment (inadequate measurement tools) and IS (which has to add transmission capabilities in addition to a basic subscriber number).

The requirements change, tools and processes have to be adapted: ease of use, efficiency and traceability of the field activities, network qualification reliability, network data capitalization.

This is the context in which Cintel has created the TraceIS measurement platform:

• A single measurement tool (MTec) for the field engineers, replacing all other test and measurement tools both analog and digital
• A dedicated central database - CINTEL infocentre - gathering the field data in real time, and interfacing the operator IS

Cintel's measurement solution offers :
- 1 single complete control test at work completion, done in 1 minute (line acceptance test)
- Instant check of no line swap
- Network qualification (line plant re-creation from MDF to subscriber)
- xDSL lines purification (service capability, ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, VDSL)
- Traceability of all field activities (time, day and GPS stamping of the measurements)
- Capitalization (storage and usage of the field data)

The measurements allow an immediate line plant audit and qualification, particularly the xDSL capability of the access pairs (eligibility for the service).The field intervention is proved and validated by the complete set of measurements done on the twisted pairs in the line plant.The operation and maintenance activities cleans the operator’s IS database through the database update and errors purification.