Access network audit and data cleansing

FIABILYS is a turn-key solution, consisting of measurement and data acquisition tools, an integrated server with SW and HW, that enables copper outside plant data acquisition and data check and IS central data base update and cleansing.


FIABILYS offers an automated line plant diagnosis and measurements results analysis:

  • Automated process
  • Single all inclusive measurement tool
  • Line plant technical information retrieval
  • Automated data comparison with existing IS central database and real time purification of the line plant repository
  • Time, day and location (GPS) stamping of the acquired data
  • Statistics regarding field operation efficiency

    Line plant audit: line availability, connectors status, pairs quality

    FIABILYS package is made of:

  • 4 MTec for data acquisition and automated analysis of copper lines
  • 4 Smartphones (man-machine interface)
  • 1 monitoring and data analyzer server (HW and SW) for the information uploaded from the MTec
  • 1 hub modem interfacing 4 telephone lines for the data upload to the server


    Download FIABILYS leaflet